If you want luxury or unique when it comes to a home, working with a real estate agent to help you track down oceanfront property is the way to go. These highly desirable residential settings are the places dreams are made of, and it's no wonder they don't stay on the market long. Take a look at five things people don't tell you about living on the beach that you should know as a prospective buyer. 

1. You will rarely ever run out of things to do. 

Having a house close to the ocean means that finding something to do will seem easier than ever. From walking on the sandy coastline and fishing from the shore to hosting a seaside beach party for your friends, being so closely positioned to the beach yields many fun ways to fill your time. 

2. You will become ever aware of litter. 

This is one of those oddities that come along with living in such a pristine natural space. You can almost guarantee that as an oceanside dweller, one of your pet peeves is going to be people who litter. Trash that gets dropped out in the water or nearby on the shores will easily make its way to your private little section of the beach, and it will be super annoying.

3. Sleeping with the windows open will be a new love. 

If you're lucky enough to find a house so close to the beach that you can hear the seagulls and waves, you're going to fall in love with these sounds to lull you to sleep. Look for a home that has nice, airy windows that will allow all these glorious noises inside the house; you will quickly come to adore the sounds. 

4. Your house will almost always have sand inside somewhere. 

You can lay out doormats and make sure your house has a mudroom, but no matter what you do, you're likely going to have some sand inside your oceanfront home. There are a few things that can help, such as keeping beach-designated flip-flops or shoes outside on the patio that never cross the threshold to the interior, but the inevitable is still bound to happen. 

5. You won't be able to picture your life without the beach very quickly. 

Soon after you take ownership and move into your oceanfront property, there will be no turning back. You will wonder how in the world you ever lived happily anywhere else without a beach just outside your windows.

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