Purchasing a home after your kids move out can come with some unique challenges, since you may be used to looking for features that make sense for a family home. Whether you'll be living alone or with a partner, there are several features that you can look for to make sure that the home is going to be a good match without any children around.

Master Bathroom

With your kids moved out of your home, it makes sense to look for a home that has a master bathroom that you love using. Whether this means a large bathroom with a soaking tub or one that has his and her sinks, a large bathroom that's connected to the master bedroom may be something you've always dreamed of having your home. Looking for homes with a bathroom that already suits what you want or has room for remodeling  can help you feel good about the way the bathroom looks and whether it will be a good match for what you want in your home.

Right Number of Bedrooms

As you check out different homes for sale, you may be tempted to choose a smaller home since it might be just you and a partner living together without children. The problem with this is it can make it difficult to have family visit or entertain any guests that stay over. Making sure that you've thought about what kind of lifestyle you have, as well as plans for the future, can help you find a home that has the right number of bedrooms to accommodate your needs.

Ideal Neighborhood

While a typical family home is likely going to be located in an area with great schools and parks nearby, this may not be necessary when your children have left. Instead of paying extra for a home in an area with great schools, it's smart to see exactly what kinds of nearby amenities are important to you. Everything from choosing a home that has nearby restaurants to walking trails to stay fit could be priorities that you want to look for when checking out different homes for sale.

With so many features available to you, it makes sense to see exactly what's going to be the best match for an empty nest home. With the above features in mind, you'll be able to quickly narrow down the real estate to properties that are suited for a home with children around.