If you like to soak up the sun or get fresh air on occasion, you may know that you want to buy a house that makes it easy to gain access to both things at any time. This means that you may want to avoid condos since they may not always have the quickest and easiest access to the outside.

Fortunately, you should have no problem finding a house that you will love when you make sure to demand features that give you access to fresh air and the sun whenever you please.


A great place to start is with a sunroom, which is something that you may be able to enjoy all year long in a mild climate or for most of the year in a cold climate. At the very least, a sunroom will provide you with ample access to sunlight because of all the windows inside the room.

Depending on the window setup, you may not be able to open up the windows as easily. So, you will still want to prioritize other features to get the fresh air that you desire.


If you like the idea of spending time in the front portion of your property, you should consider getting a porch. A covered porch can give you a ton of privacy and give you access to fresh air that you can enjoy in the morning and throughout the day or night. When you are interested in getting sunlight while spending time in the patio, you will need to go with an uncovered one.


Whether or not a porch meets your needs for getting sun in the day, you should feel confident about a patio providing this quality. Some covered patios are not fully covered and still allow you to soak up the sun while helping you stay comfortable by not being completely exposed. An uncovered or covered patio will give you all the fresh air that you need, especially with a spacious backyard.


A spacious and non-crowded backyard may be worth prioritizing if you want to let the wind flow through your backyard. This is something that may not happen when you have fencing, privacy hedges, and thick bushes that minimize how much airflow can pass through your backyard.

Taking these three features into consideration when looking at homes for sale will help you find one that gives you the sunlight and fresh air that you desire. Speak with your local real estate company to find out more information.