If you have a house with a really open concept, it may be a great feature to showcase if you are trying to sell your house. Then again, it might be a feature that some buyers do not really like. If you notice that many of the buyers that view your home are not thrilled with how open your house is, you may want to do a few things to change the way your house looks. There are several good, effective, and affordable ways to separate the rooms a little bit in an open-concept house, and you may want to use one of these methods to do this to help find a buyer for your home. Here are some ideas that may help you make the rooms seem a little more separate.

Paint the walls

Using different paint colors is a great way to help separate rooms in a house with an open concept. Open-concept homes are great, but it can also be nice to have separate spaces for the rooms in your home and using paint to somewhat separate the rooms is a great way to do so without compromising the space you have available. To do this, you can simply choose two complimentary colors of paint and paint one room one color and another room a different color. The two colors can meet up, as long as they match, on a shared wall. If you hire a professional to paint these walls, it will look great.

Install columns or beams

Another option you could use is installing either columns or beams. Beams are for the ceilings in the rooms. Placing a beam on a ceiling where two rooms are combined will make the two rooms appear as different rooms, yet again, doing this will not take any living space from you. If you do not mind losing a little bit of living space, you could install columns as a way of separating the two rooms. A column would extend from the floor up the ceiling and adding one or two columns can completely change the looks of an open area.

Use your furniture to create separations

The other option you have is to use your furniture to separate the rooms. For this, you could place a couch or table in an area where you could have a wall. You could also build bookshelves in an area where a wall could be to separate the spaces.

With these ideas, you could make your totally open-concept look less open, and this could help you sell it faster. If you have questions about this or other concerns about staging your home to sell, contact a real estate agency.