Spending time inside your home is something that you may enjoy greatly. However, you may not like it when you have to set a lot of time aside to handle cleaning responsibilities. Living in an apartment or condo gives you the benefit that you may not have much space that needs cleaning. If you want to make the transition into a single-family house that you purchase, you should buy one with features that you know are easy to clean or do not get that dirty in the first place.


Whether you are spending time in the kitchen or your bathrooms, you should make it a goal to minimize cleaning in these rooms. An easy way to accomplish this goal is by prioritizing certain countertop materials such as laminate or stone. These two other options are superior to tile because even though the tile should be easy to clean, you have to also keep the grout clean.

Another factor that you should consider is the fact that the grout will need to be replaced more often than stone countertops due to their long lifespan. If you are also interested in minimizing overall upkeep, you cannot go wrong with granite or quartz for the kitchen and bathrooms.


The floor is worth analyzing carefully because it will sustain so much wear and tear through the years, especially if you intend on having a large family with frequent visitors. This makes it extra helpful to demand a floor type that will not pick up dirt and grime quickly. For instance, you will likely find carpet worth avoiding because it dirties easily and can get stained from many spills.

If you want a more durable flooring, you should only look at hard surface ones such as laminate, hardwood, tile, or even concrete. A tour inside homes you like should give you a closer look at the floors to determine how easy they will be to clean. For instance, some hardwood floors have gaps between the planks that have developed over time. Dirt and other small particles can get stuck within these gaps and make the floor a little tough to clean. This makes it worth prioritizing newer hardwood flooring to eliminate the chance that your flooring is a challenge to clean.

Coming up with the right priorities will play a huge role in helping you find a home for sale that does not require much time to clean.