When you are ready to buy and own a home with your family, you should think about what features and qualities are needed to satisfy everyone's needs. For instance, you may know that a place with three or four bedrooms is suitable to make your family happy in the early years.

If you know that your family is going to grow large enough to need more rooms eventually, you should make sure to buy a house that has space where you can create more bedrooms.


An excellent place for making a new bedroom is in the basement regardless of whether you get a finished or unfinished one. In most cases, you should have no problem with creating multiple bedrooms as most basements are large and give you more than enough space for these additions.

Even in a finished basement, you can make the decision to remodel the space and put up a few walls to make a bedroom or two until your family is happy with the bedroom count in the house.


While you may like using your garage as a place to store a lot of your belongings and vehicles, you can follow through with a project to turn the space into a bedroom. An important aspect is making sure the garage is attached to the rest of the house because this will make it much easier as well as less expensive to expand the heating and cooling system all the way to the garage.


A useful place to store items is in a home's attic, especially because everything you put up there will be out of sight and not make the house look cluttered in any way. But, you will also appreciate the ability to convert the attic into a bedroom once your family needs an extra bedroom.

While most attics should be large enough to work as a bedroom, you should not hesitate to ask remodeling professionals about an attic conversion before buying a particular home.


If you are not able to find an ideal home with a suitable attic, basement, or garage, you can always look for a large property that allows you to work on a home addition in the future. A great option is to add a bedroom on the first floor from the side or back part of the yard.

If you want to own a home that makes it possible to add more bedrooms, you should make these priorities when house hunting. Contact a real estate agent for help with finding single-family homes for sale that fit your needs.