Building a new home on the exact lot you choose with a floor plan specifically for your needs and interior features and colors exactly how you want them is an exciting project for the upcoming months. However, the process of new home construction is a bit different than buying an existing home and you need to prepare specifically for its process. The following provides you some insight into the process to buy a new construction home.

Understand the Construction Process

When you go into a home purchase with a property that you are having built, it is important that you have a clear understanding of the process and its timeline. The builder is going to provide you a construction timeline on the progression of the home's build, from digging the foundation to installing the flooring and appliances.

However, home construction can come upon some issues that may delay its timeline and can push back the completion date. For example, problems with bad weather, deliveries from supply companies, and installation of appliances by outside contractors can all affect how timely your home goes according to its construction plan. The sooner you realize that delays and issues are going to arise and the finish date is going to be a bit later, the sooner you can relax and plan to push back your close and move-in date and be flexible in the schedule.

Team Up With a Real Estate Professional

One of the best steps you can take in the home buying process is to hire a real estate agent to help you through the process. Look to hire a real estate agent who specializes in new home construction, as they will be a great wealth of knowledge and expertise. For example, a real estate agent who has experience in negotiating a new construction home can help you negotiate some specific terms you want in the home's warranty, the size of your lot, and the cost of some upgrades you definitely want.

A new construction home real estate agent will be able to help you get a good price for these upgrades within your new construction contract. And when it comes to negotiating the right warranty, an agent will also help you in reviewing the warranty coverage and its contract to make sure you understand exactly the terms of the warranty, whether it is stated or implied, and the length of the warranty coverage for your home.